Overview Edit

Although most kayak fisherman seem to do more drifting (bait fishing or flicking lures) and trolling than anchoring it is important, even if for no other reason than for safety, to have an anchor.

Normal Anchors Edit

Most AKFFers prefer the use of a collapsible 1.5kg reef anchor and often use this in conjunction with an Anchor Trolley. This allows the anchor to be tethered to either the front or the rear of the yak depending on the conditions and style of fishing being attempted.

It is important to note that you CANNOT generate as much lifting force from a kayak as you can from a boat. This can lead to issues if you get your anchor snagged. For this reason some yak fisherman use small cable ties in their anchor rigging to allow for easy release and a reverse lift out. (see photo below). Even the smallest of cable ties can be too hard to break from the yak. Parcel string or light fishing line are alternatives. There's no pointing using this breakaway rig fro the anchor if it doesn't break.

Some AKFFers have gone away from the norm and created their own anchors from everyday materials like house bricks, plastic-coated dumbells, and even bags or bottles filled with sand.

Here is an anchor setup - note the rope connects to the bottom of the anchor

Here is a close up of the top of the anchor - it would be best to use a small loop knot to attach the cable tie to - REMEMBER EVEN SMALL CABLE TIES ARE TOUGH TO BREAK

Sea anchors / Drogues Edit

Sea anchors and drogues are used to keep your bow or stern pointed into the wind/current and slow your drift. There are many different models available commercially but it can be hard find one suitable for a kayak both from a size and storage perspective. The druogue when launched should be cliped to the kayak and have a few meters of line to it (remember to clip it on before launching it the pull of the current can rip it out of your grip)


Many Akffer's like to make there own smaller sized drogues from shopping bags etc.

Some instructions for one of them


  • 1 cloth shopping bag ( sorry paul but the sailing scene bag was just the right size)
  • 1 stainless steel snap lock
  • 1 coat hanger
  • 1 length tent peg cord


  • shape the coat hanger into a circle.
  • Fit into bag and fix inside
  • Attach cord to bag handles (i used a bow line knot)
  • attach other end of cord to snap lock

Hey presto sea anchor

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