Adventure Kayaks are made in Perth WA. I've had my Venus for 18 months or so, it is a big, comfortable and very stable, maybe not the fastest around, but you do get a better workout trying to keep up.

My yak does not have steering & I've never really seen the need for it. When mine arrived there were a few leaks around an after scupper hole, adventure kayaks replaced it immediately & paid the freight.Handling in the surf is ok , great going out, a little random returning. My most impressive beach landing was when I nearly took my dear wife out, she was on the wave ahead.

The blurb from Adventure kayaks below is copied direct from their web site which is also included.

The Venus is a comfortable single kayak with long, sleek and stable proportions.

Designed for multi-purpose usage, this kayak will appeal to fishermen, divers, paddlers of all levels and anyone looking for some fun and adventure on the water.

Light, user-friendly and adaptable, this is the perfect leisure craft for most water conditions and situations.

Specs Construction: Polyethylene Weight: 28kg Length: 3.7m Depth: 270mm Width: 860mm Pod Weight : 4.5Kg

Standard Features

Grab rope Moulded seat & multiple foot rests Self-draining holes Carry handles Bung (for drainage) Large front hatch secured with 2 straps and buckles

Optional Large pod area with criss-cross strapping or Removable self fitting storage pod with hatch

Adventure kayaks web site is below

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