Overview Edit

The following artificial baits have been used with a lot of success by AKFF members in the past, and should provide a reasonable starting point for your lure collection. In general, we try and limit to the top three options, but it's so hard to do, there might be a few extras in some categories.

This article is currently in development. Please feel free to migrate options around (particularly if they are misclassified), add likely target fish, add preferred colours, and add your own options. The top three are numbered. Change them around if you like.

Salt Water Edit

Small Lure Edit

  1. Ecogear SX40 (bluegill, gold with black, or victoria harbor tiger)
  2. Halco 1.5 gram Slice or Twisty
  3. Lively Lures Micro Mullet (bleeding mullet)
  4. Predatec MicroMin

Medium Lure Edit

  1. Ecogear SX48 or SX60
  2. Lively Lures Mad Mullet (bleeding mullet)
  3. Predatek MinMin (fruit salad)
  • Jackall TN50
  • Bigger Halco Slice
  • RMG Poltergeist 50

Large Lure Edit

  1. Rapala CD7 (regular sardine)
  2. Rapala CD9 (regular sardine)
  3. Manns Stretch 10+ (watermelon)
  • Gold Bomber
  • RMG Scorpion 90
  • Nilsmaster Invincible

Big game Edit

  1. Rapala CD11 (regular sardine)
  2. Purple feather squid skirt
  3. Billybob's Spaniard Special
  • RMG Scorpion 125
  • Reidy's B52
  • Classic Lures F18

Poppers Edit

  1. Smith Towadi (Colour 22 or brown/green/white)
  2. River2Sea Bubblepop 35s (natural colours or fluoro pink)
  3. Surecatch Popper

Extras Edit

  • Squid Jig - yo-zuri shrimphunters or yamashitas

Soft Plastics Edit

  1. Berkley Gulp 3" Minnow (pumpkinseed)
  2. Berkley Gulp 6" Sandworm (new penny or Camo)
  3. Berkley Gulp 4" Turtleback Worm (black/red, pumpkinseed, or nuclear chicken)
  • Squidgy Fish (yellow hot-tail)
  • Berkley Gulp 2"/3" Power Minnows (pearl/watermelon, pumpkinseed, smelt, or black shad)
  • Saltwater Assassin 4" (Baby Bass)
  • Saltwater Assassin 5" (white/silver fleck)
  • Squidgy Wriggler #2 or #3 (Flash Prawn)

Fresh Water Edit

Small lure Edit

  1. RMG Scorpion 52DD (green and yellow)
  2. RMG Poltergeist 50
  3. Ecogear SX40 (green/gold)
  4. Predatec MicroMin

Medium Lure Edit

  1. Storm Wiggle-wort
  2. Juro Strikepro Galaxia (tiger pattern - red & black)
  3. Killalure PakRat (purple)
  • Jackall TN60
  • Ecogear SX48 or SX60 (green/gold)
  • Cabelas Grave Digger

Large Lure Edit

  1. Rapala Tail Dancer
  2. Tilsan Bass (Gold Herring)
  3. Predatek Boomerang 65mm (blackbeetle)
  • Oargee Plow
  • Stumpjumper #1 (purple and black)

Big Game Edit

  1. AC Invader 150mm (any colour)
  2. Hammerhead 110mm (green and black)
  3. Jumbuck 100mm (black, silver and white)

Soft Plastics Edit

  1. Squidgy Fish 4" (hot tomato)
  2. Berkley Gulp 3" Curl Tailed Minnow (pumpkinseed or watermelon)
  3. Slider grub 3" (baby bass)

Spinnerbait Edit

  1. Quadspin or 4x4 (pink/black or green/black)
  2. Smak (Silver and Gold Tandem Blades)
  3. Smith Vimetal Spin (1/2oz Tail Spinner)

Poppers Edit

  1. Eastcoast Codomatic
  2. Arbogast Jitterbug
  3. Lake Police Sk Pop Grande
  4. 5 cm Surecatch popper
  5. Heddon Torpedo
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